The Kawaguchi Metal Industries Co., Ltd. Group develops and produces various anti-vibration devices by using experience gained in bridge construction and manufacturing of building hardware. From seismic isolators for houses to oil dampers, we are a manufacturer responding to industry needs.
Main services
Design, production and sales of bridge constructional material and building structure equipment.
Design, production and sales of bearing, seismic bearing, expansion joint, reinforcement structures, and cable bands, as well as anchorage blocks, catch basins and landscaping material.
Replacement of bridge components, maintenance work and landscaping.
Principal line of business
 〈Seismic rubber isolator〉
 〈Sliding bearing〉
Multistage friction damper
K base
KY Oil Damper
Seismic device for detached houses
 〈I A U type Seismic Device〉
Tremor and Vibration Absorbing Technology
The trusted core technology protects bridges that are constantly moving due to temperature changes and wind pressure. When you use our companyユs world-class technology and know-how, you can respond assuredly to the requirements for damping and seismic functions, which have been key issues after the Kobe Earthquake. We think of bearing, expansion devices and reinforcement structures as a single system and our stance of providing superior products for various structures has naturally extending us into the field of architecture. In addition to our uniquely developed products, we are tackling many challenges in collaboration with leading construction companies. Take for instance our Radar Seismic System, a seismic device incorporating a seismic rubber isolator, sliding bearing and trigger for light weight structures.
Seismic Rubber Isolator   Multistage Friction Damper
(Seismic damper)
  K Base
(Base Seismic Isolator Plate)
Usually anchored in position, it moves protecting the air-traffic control radar installed on the rooftop during severe earthquakes. The House Seismic Device contains a compact seismic system incorporating a small seismic rubber isolator and sliding bearing which was used in the construction of the completely recycled house of Waseda University.

We are steadily expanding the domain of our product development from K Base (a base seismic isolator plate) which uses our own specially developed stud bolt to the slim and compact oil pressure controlling KY Oil Damper which was developed for easy installment in internal walls of large building structures and the multistage friction damper which enables for 100tonf class high capacity.
Seismic Radar Equipment
Completely Recycled House (Waseda Ojima Laboratory)    
KY Oil Damper
House Seismic Device Double Sided Sliding Bearing
(Seismic Rubber Isolator +Double Sided Sliding Bearing)